Privacy Policy

Crystal Net Pte Ltd; herein known as ("Crystal Net") strongly believes that each person is entitled to their privacy. When you access our website, or avail of our products or services, we may require certain information from you. We ask only for such information from our clients and visitors in order to provide excellent user experience. The Crystal Net Privacy Policy details the practices and conducts we implement to protect the privacy of our customers.

  1. User Information
    1. Crystal Net gathers User Information when you use Crystal Net products, services and other technologies during your visit to our website and any of its pages.
    2. “User Information” is defined as information that can be used to identify a person or entity. This includes, but are not limited to, the following:
      1. Identification data needed to access/use a requested service (this includes a person’s legal name, date of birth, gender, work or occupation; e-mail address, home or postal address, home phone number, mobile phone number, other contact information; personal interests; and other identifying information);
      2. Online identification data (this includes information on a computer or gadget, such as IP address, cookies, network information, and country);
      3. Information related to payments;
      4. Information about your manner of use of Crystal Net’s products, services, website and other technologies, including your computer setup, connectivity information, bandwidth, device capability, page view statistics, and incoming and outgoing traffic to our sites;
      5. Contact list;
      6. Survey results;
      7. Ordered products, services, and other solutions;
      8. User login details, primarily your username and password;
      9. Any given username and password for different email accounts, where such was given to request a search for a friend or contact on Crystal Net. (Note that Crystal Net does not keep this information, nor use it for other purposes.);
      10. Correspondences with Crystal net, whether digital or in hardcopy;
      11. Traffic data (this refers to information generated for purposes of communication and the billing thereof, which includes, but not limited to, call duration, the caller’s number, and the receiver’s number);
      12. Transact information, including but not limited to, data pertaining to the usage, replenishment, expiration, and transfer of credits;
      13. Financial information of one’s business, where available; and
      14. Any information required by Singaporean laws and other legal regulatory organisations.
    3. When browsing our website, you are anonymous by default, unless there have been a previous session where you authorized Crystal Net to record your login details. The Crystal Net site does not automatically collect any User Information, including email addresses. However, like most other commercial sites, Crystal Net uses what are called “cookies”, a standard internet technology that gathers information how the site is being used. Please refer to the “Cookies and Information Tracking” section below for more details.
    4. The Crystal Net website only collects particular User Information when such user registers a Crystal Net account; uses Crystal Net products, services, and other technological solutions; subscribes to a mailing list or requests for regular updates; or submits willingly submits User Information to Crystal Net for any reason. On occasion, our partner businesses and vendors may provide Crystal Net with User Information. These information will only be used if Crystal Net has ascertained that they were obtained according to practices consistent with this same Privacy Policy, as well as with relevant laws.
    5. Access to some sections in the Crystal Net website will require username and password. This Privacy Policy and Crystal Net’s Terms of Use shall govern how a user uses these sections, as well as the use of any information or downloadable programs from our site, particularly the use of our products and services. As long as you do not request your User Information deleted, as instructed below, Crystal Net will retain and use them to verify your compliance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use; record any granted software license; track the use of our software, products, services and other technological solutions; and/or track the use of other applications and technologies made available through our website.
    6. In installing certain Crystal Net applications on your mobile device, we may request your phone number and an access to the contact list on your phone. Crystal Net will create a copy of your contact list in our servers, to be used only to perform the following:
      1. Notify you which of your contacts are registered in Crystal Net
      2. Send you a notice when any of your contacts are active on Crystal Net
      3. Display the correct name and details of your contact when you have an incoming call or receive an SMS
      4. Synchronize your contacts across various Crystal Net applications to improve dial prediction when you make a call or send an SMS
    7. Upon request, you will be able to access and rectify (if necessary) your given User Information.
  2. Notice
    1. Whenever we collect User Information, you will be notified of the time and reason for the collection.
    2. Crystal Net will not share any User Information to any third party without first obtaining your consent, except for when the situation falls under the conditions described in the section “Information Sharing and Disclosure” below.
    3. Any information you provide us will only be transferred or shared within Crystal Net’s private network or service providers associated with us, provided that you allow such sharing or transfer.
    4. When you grant us the permission, we may share or transfer User Information across international borders to countries where Crystal Net and our associate service providers are based.
  3. Opt-Out Policy
    1. You will always have the right to opt out of receiving market research information from Crystal Net. When you opt out, we will assume that you have granted us permission to automatically collect information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, until you take an affirmative action indicating your disagreement. This can be done by:
      1. Clicking/Checking the appropriate box indicating that you do not allow the collection; or
      2. Sending us an email at indicating your intentions or preferences.
    2. When possible, Crystal Net will provide you the opportunity to “opt in”, which means that we will wait for an affirmative action from you indicating your consent the use of your information for any purpose for which it was not initially intended to be used for.
    3. Crystal Net will not be responsible for the removal of User Information from the record of a third party that has been previously provided such information in keeping with this Privacy Policy.
    4. Upon your request, Crystal Net and our affiliate service providers will stop the use and processing of your User Information. However, please be aware that such action will probably result in the termination of your capacity to use some or all of Crystal Net’s products, services and other technological solutions, as well as those of our partner service providers, since Crystal Net requires User Information to provide our products and services.
    5. To stop Crystal Net from further using or processing User Information, please contact
  4. Cookies and Tracking Technologies
    1. Crystal Net automatically collects information sent from your browser and saves it in our server logs. CrystalNet does this by employing cookies, which allows our servers to recognize a repeat visitor as a unique user. Among the chief actions of cookies are monitoring the path of a visitor to our website, the type of browser the visitor uses, the type of operating system a visitor uses, the visitor’s IP address, and the visitor’s time stamp and click stream information (this refers to which pages the visitor has viewed, the times they were opened, and the time the visitor stayed on such page).
    2. Cookies are text files that are saved in a specific location on a user’s hard drive. These files allow Crystal Net to remember the details of the user’s previous visits. Cookies saved by Crystal Net cannot be read by other parties; these cookies cannot access or modify any data stored in the same computer. All modern browsers gives users the option to refuse cookies. If a user refuses to cookies while using Crystal Net, no information will be gathered from his/her use.
    3. Crystal Net cannot collect information of a user’s browsing activity outside of the Crystal Net website. At times, Crystal Net we may require a user to submit specific details as part of a registration process before he/she can access specific sections of the site. We do this to have a better understanding of our visitor’s habits and, with permission, provide them with updates relating to our products, services and other solutions.
  5. Information Usage
    1. Crystal Net collects user information primarily to provide user an optimal experience using out site, customized to their preferences. We will only collect or use User Information, as well as allow our affiliate service providers to do the same, with your permission, as necessary to do the following.
      1. Provide you a means of communication; specifically, to communicate using Crystal Net’s products, services and other technological solutions;
      2. Process any transaction or payment for purchasing credits;
      3. Inform you about other products, services and other solutions that you may benefit from;
      4. Provide satisfactory customer support, as well as assist you in troubleshooting any problems;
      5. Compare for purposes of accuracy;
      6. Notify you about errors, patches and updates;
      7. Request any feedback or for your to participate in surveys;
      8. Settle disputes;
      9. Confirm your identity;
      10. Improve the use and delivery of our website, products and services and other solutions;
      11. Improve our system’s search function to allow you to find contacts more efficiently;
      12. Plan and implement marketing campaigns, which may include offers, games, contests, and promos; and
      13. Protect your and Crystal Net’s interests, particularly against fraud, by enforcing our Terms of Use.
    2. Crystal Net and our group of companies will preserve User Information for as long as it is necessary to do so in order to carry out the purposes set in this Privacy Policy and to comply with laws set my relevant authorities.
  6. Information Sharing and Disclosure
    1. User Information can be transferred to and processed in countries where Crystal Net and our business affiliates maintain facilities. For purposes of distributing or disclosing your User Information, in keeping with this Privacy Policy, Crystal Net has the right to distribute and/or transfer User Information outside of the country where you reside. In using Crystal Net’s website, products, services and other technological solutions, you effectively consent to the transfer of User Information outside of your country of residence. In this process, the User Information may be subjected to a review by regulatory authorities in the jurisdiction where Services are performed, where User Information originates from, and your residence of citizenship. Note that if you are a reside in a country belonging to the European Union, you may not be adequately protected due to the European Union’s Directive 95/46/EC.
    2. For the purpose of providing you with our products, services and other technological solutions, Crystal Net may, when necessary, disclose some of your User Information and usage data within the Crystal Net network, agents, partner service providers, and other brand carriers. These entities may also include the following:
      • Wifi connection service provider
      • PSTN-VoIP gateway provider
      • Distributors of Crystal Net products, services and other solutions
      • Third party organizations providing the following:
        • Hosting services
        • Analytical services
        • Email delivery
        • Customer support
        • Payment methods
      Crystal Net will require all third party service provider to practice standard organizational and safety measures to protect your User Information and usage data in accordance with applicable laws. The Crystal Net network is governed by this Privacy Policy, and bound by applicable laws pertaining to confidentiality and the disclosure of personal information.
    3. Some Crystal Net products, services and other solutions may be combined or jointly offered with products and services of a partner company. Registering for and using such products, services and other solutions means your consent to both Crystal Net and the partner company’s use of your User Information, as collected through the co-branded product. Crystal Net may offer our products, services and other solutions in partnership with other websites and other communication service providers; or partner with other providers of online solutions to offer you the combined product(s) of the two companies, as well as additional products, services and other solutions. To make sure that you benefit from the combined offer, once Crystal Net acquires your consent, we will check your email address, phone number and contact list to be matched against the email address, phone number and contact list from the other service provider.
    4. Within Crystal Net, User Information and usage data are kept in controlled servers with limited access. Crystal Net will not sell, share, trade, rent or disclose in any other way any details in your User Information, usage data, and/or records of communication to any external parties without your expressed consent, except in situations allowed in this Privacy Policy.
    5. Only if necessary, Crystal Net may share some User Information to other companies or entities. These situations are:
      1. When you have provided consent to share such information;
      2. It is necessary to share User Information in order for us to provide you with your requested product, service or solution; and
      3. It is necessary to share User Information to a third party acting on behalf of Crystal net to provide a product, service or other technological solution. In such a case, Crystal Net will only share only relevant information to facilitate the delivery of the product, service or other solution; and the third party will be prohibited from storing or using the given User Information for any other purpose.
    6. Crystal Net considers all forms of communication transmitted through our website, products or services to be a private matter between our customers and the recipients of the messages. By registering under Crystal Net, you agree that we may disclose the content of certain communications and share some User Information to a third party service provider for the following reasons:
      1. When required by law, such as to comply with a legal procedure or under the order of legal authorities;
      2. When it is necessary to exercise the tenets and provisions of our Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy;
      3. When responding to situations where one party is accused of violating the rights of another party;
      4. When it is necessary to protect the interests, safety, rights or property of Crystal Net.
    7. You understand, agree and acknowledge that Crystal Net has the sole discretion to cooperate with an affected third party by providing certain information in a civil or legal forum upon any violation on your part pertaining to the provisions of Crystal Net’s Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. You understand, agree and acknowledge that Crystal Net does not endorse, nor will be held liable, for any and all customer communications that contain harmful, threatening, obscene, unlawful, distressing, vulgar, libelous, intrusive, abusive or otherwise offensive content, in full or in part, as well as any and all communications with a content infringing the rights of other, particularly their intellectual property rights.
    8. Crystal Net may also user your User Information to update you about our latest products, services, and other solutions, as well as updates in our software, special promos, or other information that we believe may interest or benefit you. You may opt to stop receiving these messages.
    9. As Crystal Net continues to grow as a business, we may buy business units or subsidiaries from other companies, as well as sell business units or subsidiaries that we deem are no longer beneficial to us. On the event that all or effectively all of Crystal Net’s assets have been acquired by another party, User Information will be transferred to the other party’s assets. Crystal Net reserves the right to use User Information as an asset in such transaction.
  7. Data Security
    1. Crystal Net’s account information is protected by a password for your security and privacy. We exercise standard industry safety protocols, regulations and other safety measures, electronically and through physical means, to maintain the security of User Information and any other data sent to us. While Crystal Net practices stringent safety protocols to protect User Information, we cannot provide absolute security for the information you share with us. Therefore, we encourage you to take safety measures to protect yourself whenever you are on the internet. We advise that you regularly change your passwords, using a combination of numbers and letters in different cases to ensure secure browsing.
    2. You agree that you have full responsibility of protecting your username and password. You shall secure it from being known to any unauthorized person or entity, and agree to contact us through or by calling (+65) 6727 6000 if you suspect or know that your username and/or password have been compromised in any way. We urge you to contact us immediately if you believe that any unauthorized transaction using your account has taken place. Crystal Net will not be held liable for any damages resulting from a security breach due to an authorized/ fraudulent use of your username and password.
  8. Anti-Spyware Policy
    1. Crystal Net does not support the use of spyware technology. We believe that it is a risk to customer privacy and does not contribute to customer experience.
    2. Spyware are executable programs fraudulently installed on a user’s personal computer, often without his/her knowledge, that collects data within the user’s computer and sends it through the internet to a party that seeks to take advantage of such information. Spyware collect User Information, particularly e-mail addresses, credit card information, and contact lists, and may change a computer’s setting doing so. Cookies are not spyware.
    3. Any Crystal Net employee, partner, business affiliate, or agent that is intentionally using spyware and acting on Crystal Net’s behalf will be considered for dismissal, termination of contract, or cancelation of payment.
  9. Anti-Spam Policy
    1. Crystal Net does not tolerate spam messages. Customers who receive spam are urged to report the incident to Crystal Net by forwarding the spam message to
  10. Third Party Sites
    1. The Crystal Net website may have links to websites owned or operated by third parties.
    2. Crystal Net and any third party website do not share User Information with each other, and Crystal Net is not responsible for the other party’s privacy practices. Upon leaving our website, we encourage you to check the privacy policy of the third party website to know how they treat any information they collect from you.
    3. Crystal Net does not hold any responsibility for any actions you perform on third party websites, including any violations to the privacy policies of such websites.
  11. Contacting You
    1. Crystal Net will contact you regarding any issues or faults with our products, services and other technological solutions, and if we find that you have breached any provision within our Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy.
    2. Crystal Net will also contact you if any person or entity submits a complaint regarding your use of our product, services or other solutions.
    3. Occasionally, Crystal Net may request you to provide feedback regarding your experience with your use of our products or services. These information are not compulsory and will only be used exclusively to measure the effectiveness of our products and/or services. It will not be saved as part of your User Information or collected along with other user data.
  12. Changes to Privacy Policy
    1. At our sole discretion, Crystal Net has the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy, as the need arises. If we amend any provisions regarding our use of User Information, we will post the details of the changes at the Crystal Net website or publishing the new Privacy Policy.
    2. Part of your responsibility as a user is to review this Privacy Policy every now and then, particularly when a new or modified version of this Privacy Policy is made available.
    3. Any amendments are considered effective upon the notice. If you access the Crystal Net website or use any of our products, services or other solutions after we have sent the notification regarding the recent changes, you will be bound by such changes.