CISCO is a multinational technology company mainly based in San Jose,California. A worldwide leader in providing networking and Internet solutions, Cisco partners with various companies to design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of networking equipment. The company&s founders are the creators of the multi-protocol router, the technology that allowed communication between disparate local area protocols.

Cisco builds, maintains and operates communication networks for third party businesses, with 85% of Internet traffic today passing by systems developed by the company. Through its technologies, Cisco is a major force in shaping the future of the Internet and how people and businesses communicate

Founded in 2001, Yealink has quickly become a leading provider of terminal solutions for Unified Communications (UC). Driven by the principle of "Easy Collaboration" among and for their clients, Yealink focuses on innovating and streamlining telephony communication systems.

As of 2015, Yealink has clients in over 100 countries, providing them with UC terminal solutions and cloud-based UC ecosystems, unifying data, voice and video information in a central, secure location. Backed by a reliable service network, Yealink has helped hundreds of businesses achieve maximum profitability through simplifying inter-office and inter-branch work communication and collaboration using products such as wireless DECT phones, conferencing phones, desk IP phones, conferencesystems and more.