About Us


Crystal Voice “Crystal Net Pte Ltd” is a Singapore-based company that specializes in developing innovative Internet-based telephone services using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies.  Our company is one of the respected names in the industry of telecommunications, and is known for excellent level of services, business ethics, and contribution to the development of internet telephony. Our team is composed of highly-skilled individuals and certified professionals in the communications, servers, and systems integration sector to ensure that we’re giving you only the best services and experiences.


Being in the industry for years has provided us the opportunity to learn, understand, and develop solutions to the many demands of telecommunications, whether it’s for business or residential purposes. Our experiences have led us to create our own infrastructure, following the international standards, based on most Singapore business setup and technological advancement of internet telephony.

With Crystal Voice, your company will be spared the trouble of setting up and maintaining a full-fledged phone system – we’ll do everything for you! That means cutting down your set-up cost as you will no longer have to install a traditional PBX phone system, plus you’ll get continuous saving as you won’t have to spend another dime for your telecom system maintenance as you move to the cloud.


We know that in all types and size of businesses, every call counts. That’s why or job is to provide you with a powerful and reliable internet-based communication system through our VoIP technology. We’ve loaded our plans with flexible and useful features that will help you stay connected with partners, suppliers, and customers all over the world. Our centrally managed platform supports a range of corporate services and products that improve voice call quality, lower expenses, and enhance management. With us, you’re provided with an array of products ranging from a full-fledged VoIP, IP-PBX system, integrated call solutions, and more.


With Crystal Voice’s Cloud VoIP technology, you will automatically receive a main line your customers can call in with features like auto-attendant, call transfer and more. With this, you can get a full support IP PBX phone system features and the ability to make up to unlimited concurrent calls simultaneously.

Crystal Voice does more than improving your inter-office and long-distance communication at a lower cost. Should you transfer your business operations, having our VoIP means you won’t have to apply for number retention or request for any re-installation – just bring your IP Phone with you, and you’re good to go! And because call backs from overseas to Singapore are charged at local rates, by simply installing Softphone to your computer or mobile device, you can save up to 90% of the cost of your roaming calls!


Our success is also largely due to our business partnership with local providers. For years, Crystal Voice has been working with the largest and most reputable organizations and distribution channels in the industry to ensure affordable and high-quality internet-based calls.

Looking for excellent services and reliable support without the expensive monthly fee for your company’s communication system, call us today at 6727 6000