How VoIP is the Telecommunication Solution for Marine Industry

It’s very difficult to spend weeks and months sailing in the ocean. Conventional communication methods aren’t dependable when on high seas because of unpredictable weather and isolated locations. Fortunately, there is VoIP to make things easier.

Challenges in Maritime

Communications managers, IT professionals and network engineers need to implement fast, reliable and secure communications system to monitor off-shore activities and provide immediate and clear instructions to ensure crew and passenger safety .

Moreover, most ship operators have emphasized the importance of letting crew members keep in touch with their families to help with work performance and maintain quality of life on board. Reliable off-shore communication is one of the key drivers of employee retention as they have come to expect the level of connectivity to their social media sites, Skype and online banking and match what they can access at home regardless of where they are. An oil and gas vessel in the Atlantic Ocean and a luxury liner cruising around Europe may be two different sailors, but they have a common need for reliable connection to transport calls securely and rapidly.

With this in mind, finding a reliable maritime VoIP solution for your vessel is, therefore, crucial and is a major deal. Every VoIP package has its own sets of features, and it’s vital to consider them when looking into getting one for your maritime company.

Must-Have Off-Shore Communications

High-performance communication for maritime is vital to ensure remote offices and staff to stay connected with decision makers 24/7.

Emergency telephones that are especially designed for industrial and off-shore communications are must-have devices on board. They are used in situations to notify the central room about fire, entrapment or evacuation.

The importance of communications was emphasized in 2010 when the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened in Mexico gulf. At the most needed time, when the coast guard, off-shore vessels and rescuers needed to communicate, it was found that many on-board emergency phones were not working. Because of the event, oil and gas companies improved ad invested in the latest and most efficient marine VoIP telephones.

In conclusion, in order to maintain communications especially in times of emergency, it’s crucial to have dependable IP telephones in both off-shore and in-land offices.

VoIP Telephones for Maritime

Just like any industrial network we have today, there’s a shift in maritime industry towards implementation of Ethernet networks and communications. In the previous years, maritime viewed Ethernet network as an expensive part of IT infrastructure. However, today heavy duty IP phones present themselves as a highly cost-effective way for business owners to strengthen their network and improve off-shore communication.

Ship owners, especially those who operate multiple numbers of ships scattered in different locations, can communicate with their sailing vessels in a fast and cost-efficient way.

To meet your company’s growing demands for cost-efficient and reliable communication, Crystal Voice is offering rugged and heavy duty VoIP phones for maritime and off-shore locations. We provide affordable telephones that guarantee to operate even in the most difficult environment.