How Maritime Companies can Make Cheap Overseas Calls

Marine vessels, ships, facilities and oil and gas platforms are notorious for constantly being in harsh and unstable environment that conventional communication methods are neither available nor economically feasible. Unpredictable offshore weather and environmental situations combined with isolated and remote locations mean that communication lines are all the more important for monitoring and management of sailing fleet and maintaining the safety of the crew and the passengers.

However, cellular phones aren’t considered as an effective method for regular maritime radio distress and safety systems due to its limitations.

Cellular Phone Limitations in Maritime Industry

How VoIP can Help Maritime Communications

VoIP isn’t only for communication; it also boosts productivity through constant and quality voice calls. Generally, with the integration of VoIP PBX system, any marine company can basically communicate more effectively with their local and overseas offices and vessels, as well as allow seafarers to maintain healthy communication with their loved ones.