How can VoIP Make Your Remote Team More Productive?

Working remotely is becoming more and more common in the business industry today. It’s considered as the next big thing in the employment world. For businesses that have either already have implemented remote work policy or are still considering it, VoIP is an excellent business tool to help both the management and the employees to work in sync and be more productive even when working outside the office.

Collaborative Work Tools

Most VoIP systems are already integrated with chat add-ons. They are very important for businesses with remote teams, since they make collaborative works possible. It allows supervisors and managers to keep in touch with employees and also keep track of updates and deadlines.

Chat tools also provide insights on task completion status and allow remote teams and employees receive advice, support and guidance without having to travel to supervisor’s office location. It basically works on the same principle of social networking sites, but with a more professional environment and approach.  

Cloud-Hosted VoIP

With everything that needs to be done, communication is the key to a successful business. It lets employees and bosses combine their efforts in order to deliver favourable results. Multiple channels of communication aids better communication and, therefore, better outcome.

This is when cloud-based VoIP comes to picture. VoIP and IP PBX system offer an effective and reliable method for remote teams to communicate and collaborate at work. They can also be integrated to personal work systems, allowing better connectivity and accountability in businesses involving remote workforce.

An excellent cloud-hosted VoIP system also allows organizations to log all calls for transparency and efficiency of operations. And the best part is, remote employees can use this communication system whenever, wherever and will provide them with great flexibility to do their duties.

Better Accessibility

VoIP system can adapt to the way your remote employees work. If employees are away from their PC, the system connects to them through their smartphone to keep them updated with requests, messages and deadlines. It provides an exceptional level of flexibility, making remote workforce more productive and efficient, regardless of employee location, the time of the day or the weather outside.

Remote employees also stay connected with work and stay updated on workloads and work changes at all times. They have access to all the tools necessary to get the job completed and request for any additional tools, which can be installed to their unit through the internet, along with other packages.

Virtual Meetings

Another way VoIP makes remote workforce more productive is that it allows remote teams to conduct meetings. Through VoIP and IP PBX system, each member of the team can attend meetings wherever in the world they may be.

VoIP allows employees to make video calls for video conference, which helps teams communicate and collaborate better. It helps remote employees to get their points across much faster and more understandably as it eliminates doubt and answers questions right away.

There’s no doubt that remote working is taking over the business scene today as more and more people of today’s generation love the flexibility that this working set-up offers.  Integration of VoIP technology to this business trend spells benefits for both employers and employees, since it provides great collaborative opportunities, resulting to increased productivity.