Expanding Your Business Overseas? VoIP Is Your Telecom Solution

When a business is on the verge of expansion, there are so many expenses to consider along with this growth. However, if the company has already been using VoIP system, there will be more cost savings as more branches open.

Same way works with overseas expansion. With today’s VoIP technology, businesses can save a lot on international calls and it gives them the ability to market their products to anyone across the world. Here are some more ways VoIP can help you with your business expansion overseas.

1. Establish Local Presence with Local Phone Number

One important way VoIP helps you reach international markets at low costs is through utilization of a local contact number. Also called DDI or DID numbers, local numbers are specific only to a city or local area. Having a local number allows you to establish virtual presence even if you’re operating thousands of miles from a territory.

When a client dials your local number, the call will then be routed to your head office, and the caller will only be charged with local rates. This makes it affordable and convenient for potential clients to call you, increasing your chances of doing more business.

2. Maximize Convenience with Toll-Free Numbers

Other than a local number, a toll-free number also makes you accessible to international audience. Calling you through your toll-free number, customers won’t have to bear overpriced long-distance call charges. You, the owner will shoulder the necessary fees.

A toll-free number is a great help for providing quick access to customer service lines. In many cases, choosing local number over toll-free number can be more beneficial, because not all countries can call certain toll-free numbers. Therefore, it’s important to know your audience.

3. Enjoy Lower International Call Rates

For starters, international call charges are cheaper with VoIP when compared to standard landline service. This is because VoIP calls are transferred over the internet, instead of the local public telephone networks, where rates are higher.

When considering the volume of the international calls you will be making, it makes sense to take full advantage of a communication method that offers lower rates. Not only will it help you reap bigger savings, but it also allows your company generate more revenue in a shorter span of time, which is always a plus especially when starting out in a new location.

4. Advanced Business Tools

Operating a business in different countries or states can mean regular business trips to check up on your staff, operations, etc. While it’s important to personally see how your company is doing, the reality is that business trips can take a toll on your company expenses. Fortunately, VoIP is here to help.

Through VoIP features like video conferencing, you can communicate with your clients and staff from anywhere. If you need to coach or train employees, features like whisper, listen, barge and call recording come in handy.


Expanding overseas is no longer limited to larger businesses. Even small and starting companies can expand internationally with the help of VoIP. So, are you ready to go global? Go international with VoIP!