6 Reasons to Switch to VoIP PBX

Modern communications solutions like VoIP PBX are proving more suitable and effective for businesses as they provide cost-efficiency and scalability to the organization. Although these are just some of the well-known benefits of IP PBX, other lesser-known advantages should not be forgotten when exploring how PBX can meet your business’ specific demands.

What are the other reasons why VoIP PBX is the solution for your communication needs? Here are five of the lesser-known ones.

1. Ability to Monitor the Whole System

A PBX system is controllable from one platform. This may be a perk that’s hard to imagine when you have been using for so long copper wires and indecipherable interface of business’ standard telephone systems. But imagine how quickly you can locate the problem in your IP PBX system from an internet-based platform, compared to waiting for your local phone network technician to visit your premise and locate the problem.

2. Ease of Configuration

One of the attractive benefits of PBX phone system is its simple configuration process. Since downtime means loss in profit, you would want a system that’s quick and easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure without causing downtime. The shift to internet-based telephone system, however, will not disrupt your business as IP PBX phones does not need physical wiring—rather, the phones are routed over the internet to be able to make and take calls.

3. Eliminate Provider Lock In

VoIP PBX systems run through open SIP standard. It’s possible to combine SIP hardware or software phone with any SIP-based PBX, VoIP provider or PSTN gateway. On the other hand, standard phone lines require proprietary phones and proprietary modules to be able for you to utilize advanced features.

4. Get Rid of Phone Wiring

IP phones in PBX systems are directly connected to a standard computer network. Software phones can be easily and instantly installed into the computer, getting rid of phone wiring and making moving and adding of extensions easier. Inside the office, you can totally eliminate the extra ports that were meant for the phones.

5. Twice the feature for a fraction of the Price

Integration of IP PBX is a cost-effective solution. It uses VoIP services to cut down expenses on international calls. Moreover, IP PBX system allows connection of phone systems in multiple branches, thus allowing free-of-charge call between employees at different office branches.

6. Better Phone Usability

Advanced telephone features are great additions, but it often becomes too confusing for employees, especially to the newer ones. With Crystal Voice, it is very easy to operate. With a simple and user-friendly interface, all actions can be done quickly and easily even by less-experienced employees. Other than the ease of use, you can get a detailed view of the status of the inbound calls, calling queues and other important factors for better efficiency.


The shift to IP PBX has become a common practice among businesses in Singapore—and for good reasons. With the impressive improvement in performance, lower maintenance cost and IT operations cost, switching to VoIP PBX is clearly the ideal choice for any company, including yours.