5 Ways VoIP Has Impacted Social Media

Out of the many technological upgrades made by social media site developers, the integration of VoIP made a lasting effect. Social media sites like Facebook are constantly making improvements to enable people to connect easily.

The current business phone systems have utilized VoIP technology more to streamline communication channels. With the popular use of smartphones and mobile devices, VoIP in social media platforms have become a popular choice among business owners.

1. Ideal Method of Product Advertisement

Through social media platforms, business owners can socialize with consumers and endorse their products easily. Based on the intensity of customer engagement in different channels, it’s easy for businesses to socialize products category-wise and increase their sales tremendously.

2. Wider Customer Reach

When you choose to integrate VoIP to your system, you will be able to conveniently collect customer feedback through status updates, tweets and comments. Implementation of VoIP services doesn’t only help with customer retention, but also helps create strong networks and business space where consumers can quickly raise their concerns and join relevant conversations.

3. Simplified Reputation Management

Social media can help manage your company’s reputation online. With the right tools, you can easily track negative comments, optimize content appropriately, monitor feedback and take action right away when negative comments are posted. You can choose from many different social media activity trackers, such as Rankur and Google Alerts, to keep you updated with what’s going on in your site using any mobile device.

4. Resourceful Mobile Consumption

Mobile adapted applications are combining the best of desktop experience. VoIP app players such as Viber, Whatsapp, Line and Hangouts, are designed to offer an entirely new social media experience to consumers and marketers. These VoIP messaging and calling apps combine the common facets of social networking with unique mobile features. You can get all necessary features in one application—photo sharing, activity timeline and short voice messages, which you can send instantly via live chat. And most importantly, VoIP via social media can be used for free via the internet or through your local mobile data connection.

5. Affordable and More Flexible Communication

Since mobile-VoIP in social media is portable and free, you can actually call prospect clients or business partners anytime, anywhere you may be. Every single marketer knows that voice calls is a much more effective marketing strategy than just posting ads online. Once you take a hold of contact information of a potential transaction, VoIP helps to further sell your product.


The advent of VoIP has changed the world of communication, including business communication. While social media is a great way to share and talk about your products, it is through VoIP technology that you get to talk with consumers and address directly their questions and concerns about your offers.